Super Seduction (Romance and Friendship Misconception Pt1)

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On several occasions, people, especially guys gives same meaning to friendship and romance. A costly mistake that keeps many people in the friendzone unknowingly.

To women, friendship and romance has different meanings. They are two separate things entirely. That’s why a woman can enjoy your company without attaching any meaning to it.

You as the guy could be nursing the feeling in your head “Oh! Since this lady enjoys my company, definitely she’s interested in me.”

Don’t you ever think such. Reason being that, it is very difficult to be more than “just friends” to a woman you’ve been friends with for a long time.

You really don’t need to get distracted when she try to give a logical reason why she can’t be intimate with you.
A woman knows whether the guy she’s with is a lover material she can get intimate with or a friend material she can keep as “just friends” level.

This is a combination of physical of emotional feelings.
Firstly, she FEELS, she THINKS and then she ACTS.
After the feeling, thinking, she then start acting differently around you, giving you the greenlights (topic for another day).

The major problems in this scenario boils down to different wrongful characters being displayed by guys around women they are romantically interested in. Different gestures they do to get their attention.

Most guys belief paying bills for women they are romantically interested in, taking them to dinner, incessant calls, showering them with flowers, frequent compliments etc triggers their physical and emotional feelings and makes them reciprocate towards them in exchange for attraction and arousal. Totally wrong

Yes, we’ve probably done this stuff many times. A lot of people are still doing it while many guys are still going to do it. Truth is, doing or getting women all the things mentioned above don’t have any effect on how they feels about you. They might still not interested in you romantically just because you’ve been friends for a very long time.

NOTE: Friendship could lead to romance but it RARELY happen.


Women generally knows guys who gets it. They know when a guy is forcing it. They know when a guy is desperately seeking to get their attention.

They are women. They encounters different guys everyday. Women understand the various things guys does to get their attention on a daily.
Most guys out there acts the same way around them. Immediately they come across one that is totally different, it weakens their heart and they wants to have him for keeps. They unknowingly crave for that one guy that can put them in their place and take charge, not one they can control.

No matter how long you travel on the wrong land, you will never get to your destination.

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