NO GREENLIGHT, NO APPROACH_ the hot approach Source 2. Anton LaVey.

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Jesus said be “Wise as serpents and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10:16)

By this Christ reveals to us that, generally, evil tends to be more worldly-wise than goodness. Evil men have “streetsmarts” that good men don’t have.
And when He says, “For the children of this World are in their generation wiser than the children of Light” (Luke 16:8 )

He’s stressing the same point. Evil is smarter than Goodness when it comes to the ways of this world.

Now let’s talk about the wisdom of serpents and The cleverness of the Children of the World.
One of the foremost evil figures of our generation was Anton LaVey (American, 1930 – 1997).

You may have heard of a church called The Church of Satan, LaVey started it. You may have heard of something called the Satanic Bible, LaVey wrote it. You may have seen the symbol of a pentagram with a goat’s head that has become synonymous with Satanism and Goth culture, although LaVey didn’t design it, he’s the one who made it trend. To top his service to Satan, LaVey wrote a book that has become the modus operandi for witches in their work of sexually manipulating men called The Satanic Witch.

But LaVey’s most interesting work, in so far as this writeup is concerned, is a list of 11 commandments he created in the 1960s called The 11 Satanic Rules Of The Earth that Satanists live by: ( )

Now among those rules is a very curious rule set at the heart of the list at number 5 that solidifies and crystallizes the theme of this writeup:


Here is a man whose work and ideas have started international movements and groups and inspired even pòrn stàrs to name themselves after him (adult actresses Scarlet LaVey, Lylith LaVey and Audrey LaVey), yet even he acknowledges and respects how the world of sex works. Namely that WOMEN HAVE TO CHOOSE YOU BEFORE YOU CAN APPROACH.

And women choose you by giving you Mating Signals also known as Choosing Signals also known as Green Lights. Without a Green Light given, even Satanists are commanded NOT to approach a woman sexually.

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